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 Ye Eun-Impact's Golden Rules !

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PostSubject: Ye Eun-Impact's Golden Rules !   Sun Feb 22, 2009 6:12 pm


rules that are needed to obey.

Note: The rules may change and/or more will be added once this forum gets bigger.

Welcome to Ye Eun-Impact FORUM,the 1st International Ye Eun Forum.

1. Why Is This Forum called Ye Eun-Impact?
Mainly because just wanted to show the ye eun’s impact on us (ye eun lovers & wonderfuls), every single thing that we done for her is consider the impact she gave us so this is how the site name come about.

2. Ye Eun-Impact Have Both Youtube Channel & Blog(Wordpress),all named as 'Ye Eun-Impact'

Initially,there is a wordpress 1st follow by youtube channel and then finally this forum.

Ye Eun-Impact Wordpress : http://yeeun.wordpress.com

Ye Eun-Impact Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/YEEUNIMPACT


#1 RESPECT - Please respect every member here, since we belong to the same family, we should learn to know each other better.

#2 NO BASHING - This is a Ye Eun FORUM So no bashing of other girls from wg,including other artist, give them due respect too.

#3 DO NOT HOTLINK - I must make this clear, please do not hotlink! Please upload it on your server.

#4 ALL IN ENGLISH - This is an English based site. If you want to type in a different language, provide a translation!

#5 NO DOUBLE POSTING - You can always edit your post if you want to add or edit something.

#6 NO ADVERTISING - This is a forum so if you want to advertise,do not do it here.

#7 GIVE PROPER CREDIT - This really important, If you extract or take anything from any particular sites,please credit the site.If they stated that you are not allowed to take their information out please respect their decision. & this rule also apply to this forum,give proper credit.

#8 ONE ACCOUNT PER PERSON - There is no use having so much account,isn't it? You can always request to change username,however not more than 2 times.

#9 OBEY ALL THE RULES IN DIFFERENT SECTION OF THE FORUM - Please read those rules carefully before posting anything.

#10 NO SPAMMING - Please do not spam,thank you. Picture Spamming - 5 PICS THE MOST.

Avatar & Signature Rule

As long you do not 'overdo' it,I am fine with it,Please DO NOT have big picture as your signature, it will obstruct people from reading the post.

Please credit the pic if you did not make it yourself.

The User Rank


The User Group

- Administrator - Founder of the forums,K-Holic
- Moderator - The ones managing specific forums.
- Member - The one the keep this forum alive!

- moderator still not confirmed -

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Ye Eun-Impact's Golden Rules !
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